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10 Apr, 2020

Sewing original clothes for kids


Sewing is a wonderful handcraft that, as a personal hobby, is getting more and more lost as the young generation shows little interest in it. Fortunately, there are still people who value the originality of personalized hand-made clothing and invest the time and the energy it takes to practice this creative activity. Katharina L. is a young mum from Austria who creates wonderful clothing pieces for her two small sons.

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29 Mar, 2020

La gamba strana

Anna Maisetti suffered of skin cancer years ago. Since then she lives with a special leg which she lovingly calls "la gamba strana", "the unusual leg". We asked Anna what caused the leg swelling and how she lives with this not well-known condition. 
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28 Mar, 2020

#nevergiveup !


Our Italian friend Anna Maisetti from Lombardy, the epicenter of the human tragedy unfolding these weeks in Italy due to the coronavirus, tells us about the way how she experiences life in this period. 

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