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Mulesing-free wool for our Kuschel kids shoes

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We at Pregnidos use wool to create the wonderful soft, light and flexible Kuschel shoes. We have chosen this natural material because it has remarkable qualities. It warms the kids feet during colder days in spring and autumn. It has elastic qualities which makes it feel cozy and natural, especially if worn barefoot. When it rains, the small feet don´t get wet or cold, as wool is water repellent. It absorbs moisture, leads it outside and regulates the skin temperature when the small feet sweat playing around, without letting them stink like synthetic materials. 

When you buy Pregnidos Kuschel for your little ones, you can be sure that the sheep whose wool has been used to craft our shoes have not suffered any mulesing.

Mulesing is a cruel practice whereby shepherds remove the excess skin at the back of the merino sheep without any anesthesic, so that no flies can nest in the skin folds, attracted by the smell of faeces and urine. The flies can reproduce there, multiply and cause skin infections, big pain and even the death of the sheep. To "prevent" this dangerous fly infestation shepherds have come up with the mulesing method, which is painful for the animals because the open wound is let heal itself without any medical care. This painful procedure of cutting the skin aims at making the skin fold-less, so that it cannot attract any insects anymore. However, the lack of medical care after mulesing can also lead itself to the death of the sheep.


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Pregnidos doesn´t tolerate any practices that cause animal suffering. We choose our materials carefully and we just work with quality suppliers. Thus, the wool of the Kuschel shoes that your kids wear comes from small companies that take care of the well-being of the sheep and don´t cause them any harm. 


We want that your children enjoy wearing our shoes and you as parents don´t have any concerns about our materials or shoe-making processes. 


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