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Alpha Black


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  • Wide shoes for winter
  • Materials: Combination of fine and perforated suede leather. Full leather lining to keep feet dry and warm
  • Padded foldable tongue and ankle part for added comfort
  • Elastic laces with stoppers
  • Side zipper
  • Anti-slip rubber soles in the same tone as the uppers and containing profiled logo elements for a better grip. Four of the logo elements are outlined in red. The soles are handstitched to the uppers without using any glue in order to reduce the chemicals in our shoes. Moderate wedges (3cm); shoe width H (German) / shoe width E (English)
  • Extra insoles covered in leather delivered in a cotton dustbag for storage in the handbag
  • Available in EU sizes 36 - 42 / US sizes 7 - 12
  • Handcrafted in Portugal

Alpha is Pregnidos’ first shoe model which displays the “building elements” of our design principles.

These robust but elegant winter booties are handcrafted of a beautiful combination of natural and perforated suede leather. They follow the anatomic shape of the feet, have a comfortable width and, due to their rounded front, allow healthy room for the toes.

Alpha establish the wave-form design of the eyelet parts, which is typical also for other shoe models of Pregnidos. The elastic laces with stoppers and the expandable shoe tongue enable the flexible adjustment of the shoes to the individual feet and ankles. The tongue is not separated from the upper but sewn to it, so that the foot is better protected from cold at any time.

Pregnidos Alpha keep the feet warm not only during winters in the city. They can be used also for light walks in the nature and in the mountains, too. The leather lining is another waterproof layer which protects the feet from cold, snow or water. In addition, the profiled rubber soles prevent from slipping away. On the moderate wedges the feet feel relaxed and the back is optimally supported.

These versatile winter booties are delivered with removable insoles in a carry-on cotton bag. This is another option to modify individually the shoe volume. Alternatively, the insoles can be used as an extra warming layer inside the shoes.

*For delivery within Germany. Regarding delivery times for other countries please refer to the button with the shipping information.

      We advise you to check your shoe size before ordering your pair of Pregnidos, as your foot size may change during pregnancy.

      Customer Reviews

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      Excellent Customer Service

      When my shoes arrived, they were too small. Pregnidos not only paid for my return shipping but made an exchange super easy! These were a gift, so it would have been difficult if I had had to place a whole new order. I am extremely pleased with their level of customer service, making shopping easier for pregnant ladies.