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Pregnidos are beautifully handcrafted ankle booties which contain smart elements for a customizable use, depending if your feet are swollen or not.

We care for the foot health of pregnant women and fresh moms and offer them the best footwear comfort, paired with fresh designs and ease of use, so that they not only feel comfortable but also enjoy wearing our shoes.

The anatomic form, the comfortable width and the moderate wedges offer stable support at all times. The high-quality leathers used for the inner and outer parts of Pregnidos ensure that the feet stay warm and dry during the cold season. No matter what the weather conditions are, mama and baby will walk safely and comfortably on the rubber wedges with a clear profiled structure.

Because we strive to reduce the chemicals in our shoes, we opted to just hand-stitch the soles to the leather uppers, without using any glue. 

Easy to put on and off, Pregnidos Alpha are provided with a double closure system. No matter what you prefer to use, either the zipper or the laces with stoppers, you don’t have to bend long over your baby bump.

A pair of removable insoles allow an extra adjustment of the shoes during the day, when the foot swelling can change. The removable insoles are delivered in a cotton dustbag which can be stored in the handbag.



Comfortable freedom for your feet

Pregnidos provide the flexible room which your feet need

You and your baby are safe

There is no chance to slip on Pregnidos’ rubber soles

Walk on clouds

Adjustable comfort, trendy design and high quality are standards which you will not want to miss anymore

Gentle to your baby

Our shoes are easy to put on and take off, thus preventing you to bend too long over your baby bump

Perfect fit also after the pregnancy

You can wear Pregnidos also after the baby bump, when the foot swelling decreases



Step in | Adjust | Feel the comfort

To put on Pregnidos you don't have to bend long over your baby bump

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