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Flow and Sunrays – the brandnew maternity shoes for summer

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We have talked to the best Italian and German tanneries to choose the right nappa leathers for the summer Pregnidos. We have been looking for supportive footbeds of cork which can offer maximum comfort to the stressed legs of pregnant women. And we have formed anti-slip rubber soles to best fit our summer styles. 

Sunrays in coral, handcrafted of nappa leather

For moms with sensitive skin we have added to the collection the Eco styles, which are made of vegetable tanned leather. The Eco Pregnidos are harmless to the skin, being not only chrome- but entirely metal-free

Sunrays in lavanda, made of vegetable tanned leather 

We have been thinking about functional and aesthetic designs for our shoes, which should be not only fun to wear but permit also to be individually adjusted to pregnant or non-pregnant feet, which is one of the main characteristics of Pregnidos. Moms deserve best fitting shoes for their hero feet which carry the additional weight of the baby. 


First prototypes of Sunrays and Flow 

We have been working on outstanding designs which are functional, aesthetic and durable. We want maternity shoe comfort to be chic instead of boring. That’s why we have created Sunrays and Flow, the sandals which carry Both of You cozy and light through the summer. Your feet are protected and your steps are safe. You enjoy walking despite the swollen legs. Your whole body, which has been through so many changes lately, relaxes. You feel well, you feel beautiful, you enjoy the pregnancy. 

Flow in bleu ciel, handcrafted of nappa leather

 This is why we create Pregnidos.

Be a happier mom!